10 great DIY Halloween food costumes

Pumkin costume.jpg
Sure, it's creative, but how is he going to sit down?

Psst -- it's Halloween this weekend. Well, actually Halloween is next week, but all the hot parties will be happening this weekend. It's time to get that costume pulled together. Skip the "sexy SpongeBob" suits and try some of these food-centric, do-it-yourself Halloween costumes.

Baby Don Draper.jpg
So, so, so awesomely wrong
10. Baby Don Draper
This lands at No. 10 because, admittedly, it's just barely food related.  But it's baby Don Draper! Parenting genius. Baby suit clothes can be bought anywhere kids clothes are sold. Then just add a thrift store Barbie in a red dress and a bottle of booze containing something brown and not booze -- because that would be just irresponsible.

Hershey Kiss Costume.jpg
C'mere, baby, knock me a kiss
9. Chocolate Kiss
This one requires a lot of tinfoil. The exact directions can be found here, but basically, make a little cone, cover with foil.  Get a poncho. Cover with foil. It's both a costume and a device to keep the aliens from hearing your thoughts.

Deviled Egg Costume.jpg
You little devil, you

8. Deviled Egg
All you need is a couple pieces of poster board, one white and one yellow. Cut into egg shape and strap it on. Add a pitchfork and horns and you're a spicy little dish.

Franzia Wine Costume.jpg
Classy in every way
6. Box of Franzia
You'll be the delight of every suburban lady party! Just get a giant box of pink wine, drink it, have someone sober cut out some holes, and voila!

Taco Bell Burrito Costume.jpg

6. Taco Bell Burrito
Perfect for college students on a budget. Collect those late-night munchie wrappers, lick off the errant hot sauce, and you've got a costume. (Or do what this girl did and befriend a Taco Bell employee).

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