World Street Kitchen Uptown releases more details on the Wadis' new restaurant

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Street food from around the world finds a permanent home in Lyn-Lake

As the days grow shorter and the weatherman threatens us with the white stuff, we're cuddling up to a cozy press release we just received promising that we will not have to spend another cold season without the hearty comfort of a Yum Yum Bowl.

World Street Kitchen, the truck from Saed and Sameh Wadi, will still be out for downtown curbside dining for a little while longer, but soon the Wadis will move inside to their new Uptown restaurant. They shared some of the details with us.

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The new restaurant is being described as "fast casual," which means it will be easy to grab dishes with low prices (between $3 and $12). Diners can enjoy many of their favorites from the truck, like the Yum Yum Bowl, Korean BBQ shortribs, the Bangkok Burrito, and some new dishes like a fried oyster and shrimp po' boy with celery root remoulade and chickpea-stuffed savory Indian pancake with tamarind chutney. Chef Sameh described the fare as "simple food influenced by street food from around the world. Big flavors, textures, and lots of love, all spun into delicious harmony." Also, expect to see the dishes done with an eye on sustainability.

Since before the truck debuted, back in 2010, the brothers, who also run Saffron in the Warehouse District, have dreamed of finding a restaurant space for their casual menu. The new location will be in the newly built Greenleaf building on the corner of 28th and Lyndale in the Lyn-Lake neighborhood. The space will have 80 seats and be decorated with reclaimed items, including a large, lit marquee sign. It will have an industrial feel dominated by wood, concrete, and metal.

There will also be a bar. Rob Jones, the cocktail mix-master from Saffron (and Meritage before that), is curating a beer, wine, and sake list.

Construction is under way, and the projected opening is November. Let the window-peering begin.

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Yumyums all the time??? I'm gonna explode from happyness! 


@keny1 I work at Saffron and we have openly gay staff members. We also serve alcohol, which is considered "sinful" too. I cannot imagine two guys more deserving of their success than the brothers Wadi. Maybe you should get to know them.

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