Top 10 French fries in the Twin Cities

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A favorite side takes center stage
Despite that brief, embarrassing episode with the so-called freedom fries, a certain slice of Americana requires a plate of French fries. From a diner burger to sopping up the white wine and butter from mussels, from a perfectly cooked steak to a fat piece of cod, fries are an outstanding side. However, it's time to put the fry first. After many plates, baskets, and cones, we sorted through the soggies and compiled a list of the very best French fries to be found in the Twin Cities.

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10. Red Stag Supper Club

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Red Stag delivers supper club atmosphere and great fries
There's something sad about a pale French fry. That little slice of potato was brought close to reaching its potential of crispy goodness and then denied. Lost to incorrect oil temperature, overcrowding, or some other laziness in preparation, and often oversalted in a sad attempt to compensate for its limpness, a light-colored, subpar fry is always a disappointment. For fries that will never let you down, look to Northeast's welcoming Red Stag Supper Club. The triple cooking of these starchy pleasures ensures a crisp, golden brown crust on each fry. The light parsley and garlic flavorings enhance but don't overpower the potato, which on the inside has an almost creamy consistency. It's been said that these oversized fries resemble French toast sticks, and that's not off the mark--the potatoes' caramelized outer layers even have a little sweetness in them. But fast-food breakfast sticks never tasted this good. During a long winter that can render some of us paler than the saddest-looking fry, these hot, nicely browned beauties provide much-needed comfort. (509 First Ave. NE, Minneapolis; 612.767.7766)

9. The Amsterdam Bar and Hall

Photo courtesy Amsterdam Bar and Hall
Onion-rific -- these fries are internationally known
The first thing you need to do when eating these terrific fries is to stop worrying about your breath. Yes, these French fries come topped with raw onions, and no, you shouldn't just eat around them. Potatoes and onions are one of those perfect flavor combinations, and it's not to be shied away from. If you're already part of a couple, a little temporary onion breath shouldn't be a deal-breaker (or just get your significant other to eat some too), and if you're on a first date (or on the prowl), well, bring a travel toothbrush or something. When you order "frites" at the Amsterdam, you'll want to enjoy them to the fullest. These fries are cooked Belgian-style and are perfectly seasoned, full of flavor but not too salty. They're skin-on and hearty, but not so big as to get soggy. Most of the fries come out perfectly crisp on the outside and soft in the middle, with the little ones rendered deliciously crunchy throughout. Even the condiments here are superior versions. There are seven house-made varieties to choose from, with herb-garlic mayo and curry ketchup being standouts as fry-dippers. (6 W. Sixth St., St. Paul; 651.222.3990)

8. Twin City Grill

Twin City Grill Burger and fries (400x267).jpg
Bacon cheeseburgers arrive with these tart, salty fry favorites
The Mall of America may not be destination dining, but there have been times while roaming the massive halls behind the shuffling masses when inspiration hits like a thunderbolt. That grumbling slowly working its way from the base of your stomach up to your throat can easily be satiated by one fantastic plate of fries. Skinny little fries are sprinkled with a malt vinegar powder. Just thinking about them gets the salivary glands worked up. Salty, tart, and small enough to easily gobble one after another, a plate of these fries makes navigating that Saturday parking ramp situation a breeze. (130 N. Garden, Bloomington; 952.854.0200)

7. The Wienery

The Wienery.jpeg
The colorful clientele and interior at the Wienery enhances their fries
Chicago-style hot dogs (and damn good ones) are the headliners at this West Bank institution, but they put just as much care into their hand-cut French fries. A far cry from the cybernetic fries most restaurants peddle, the Wienery's creations always taste more of the potato than the fryer, proving that food made fast doesn't have to taste like fast food. (414 Cedar Ave.,Minneapolis; 612.333.5798)

6. Cafe & Bar Lurcat

Elegant digs doesn't mean they don't dish a tasty plate of fries
Golden French fries in a silvery bucket on a white china tray--Bar Lurçat doesn't serve mere fries, it presents a treasure of spuds. The fries themselves are ultra-fried, crisp as the dickens outside, creamy and potato-rich inside. Each bite of these tawny 3-D strips has you reveling in the texture of the moment and chasing the next bite: Will it be more crisp? More earthy? More creamy? And hence an obsession is born. The béarnaise that accompanies them is less like a béarnaise and more like an intense cheese--piquant, salty, and lush. The price of $6 is steep, but the portion serves two, and you should keep in mind that you aren't just paying for fries, you're investing in treasure. (1624 Harmon Pl., Minneapolis; 612.486.5500)

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