Gastro Non Grata's Belt Punch Extravaganza dishes out food, music, and meat

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The Triple Rock began to fill on Sunday as people made their way inside from the cold embrace of the city over the Thanksgiving holiday. Food industry folks were happy to abandon the burners for an evening and enjoy some rollicking rock 'n' roll with a saucy side of pizza treats, tasty creations from chef Steven Brown of Tilia, and delicious imported brews at the latest food-and-music event from Gastro Non Grata.

The evening kicked off with savory bites cooked up in the back parking lot, brought out of the Red Wagon Pizza Company's truck.  

The initial tunes came courtesy of  DJ Shannon Blowtorch, spinning cool grooves that got the bodies moving. 

Drew Peterson and the Dead Pigeons took the stage with their bluegrass blend and covers. In particular, their haunting take on Radiohead's classic "Creep" had the entire crowd reverently hushed. It's not everyone that can work a banjo into that tune.

Between acts, the meat door prizes were handed out by the Grastro Non Grata guys, Craig Drehmel and Jeff Mitchell. The meat comes from Clancey's Meats and Fish and included items like sausage blends and beautiful pork parts, including spareribs, hocks, and heart.

Gastro Non Grata Meat Giveaway (480x383).jpg
Anybody want some meat?

The next round of food came from Steven Brown, owner and chef behind Linden Hill's much-lauded Tilia. His first round of food was "Sorta Jerked Chicken," followed by deeply smoky pork belly.

Sorta Jerk Chicken (500x375).jpg
Sort of a jerk, but totally awesome

Next, one-man band Crankshaft dominated the stage with howling laments and tales of love gone wrong (and in one case, a takedown by a cement truck driver.)

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Steven Brown's smoked pork belly

Throughout the evening and shows, guests nibbled small bites from the chefs and sampled little cups of beer from Artisanal Imports, courtesy of Lanny Hoff, which paired fabulously with the food.

The stylish ladies of L'Assassins took the stage and shut it down. Happy droves of attendees left with stomachs full, heads buzzing with the feedback of great, local rock 'n' roll, and some with giant bags of meat. Just another successful night in the warm embrace of Gastro Non Grata.

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Triple Rock Social Club

629 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN

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