Jax Cafe's Hunters Dinner menu includes alligator and rattlesnake

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Jax Cafe has been a mainstay in the Twin Cities restaurant scene since 1933.

Jax Cafe, whose tagline is "Serving steaks, not trends," will be dishing up anything but steaks on November 14 at its Hunters Dinner.

Alligator and rattlesnake are among the menu offerings at the $80-a-head dinner, which owner Bill Kozlak says will draw hunters and epicureans alike.

Hunters Dinners have been a tradition at Jax Cafe for around 40 years, according to Kozlak, who predicts the event will draw a wide variety of guests: men, women, and about a 60/40 split between hunting aficionados and adventurous epicureans.

Diners hungry for adventure will not be disappointed with the alligator and rattlesnake, which Kozlak says they typically source from gourmet food companies based in the Dakotas.

The dinner will start with appetizers and hors d'oeuvres, including rattlesnake cakes, buffalo meatballs, alligator satay, and something Jax is calling "Devils on Horseback," which is more old school and less exotic than its name might suggest: a prune stuffed with an almond and wrapped in bacon. 

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Would you care for some 'gator with that snake?

Rattlesnake cakes have been on the Hunters Dinner menu for close to 20 years and remain one of the most popular offerings. Kozlak tried removing them one year due to rising costs but met with an uproar, he says. They've been featured ever since.

As guests move on to dinner, options will include quail with dried cherries and pistachio (one of the most popular options, according to Kozlak), venison sausage with micro green salad, Ritz cracker-crusted walleye with Tillamook cheddar mac and cheese, and grilled elk tournados with Summit Beer-braised mushrooms atop brioche toast point served with sweet potato puree and sauce choron.

All entrees are served with beer or cocktail pairings, courtesy of Summit Brewery or new partner 2 Gingers Whiskey, whose owner Kieran Folliard will be at the event to charm customers and serve up delicious drinks.

Ticket information is available by calling Jax Cafe at 612.789.7297.

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