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Mo Perry
Nuff is now open
The bustling little corner of 29th and Johnson Street NE is back to full occupancy with this month's opening of Nuff, the new venture in the former home of Amici Bistro (and Snap! Pizza before that). Nuff is a counter-service restaurant that specializes in breakfast, sandwiches, and salads. The Hot Dish stopped in on its opening weekend for a first look at the breakfast offerings.

2851 Johnson St. NE, Minneapolis

Mo Perry
The menu is arrayed on a colorful chalkboard between the door and the service counter. Breakfast options include various takes on omelets and breakfast sandwiches, steel cut oatmeal, and some meaty sides. Carb lovers will have to content themselves with the French toast--there are no pancakes on the menu. Other standard breakfast menu items are also absent: There are no hash browns or home fries, no eggs as a side. Perhaps it's because they're choosing to focus on what they do best.
Mo Perry
And what they do best are sandwiches. The sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich is truly delicious--a generous, greasy carb, protein, and dairy bomb that is sure to defeat the wickedest hangover. The bread is thick, warm, and crunchy without being tough, the eggs are robust, and the cheese is a molten bed for the well-seasoned, juicy sausage patties. If their lunch sandwiches are half this good, they'll be worth a drive from across the river.
Mo Perry
The omelet was satisfactory but not remarkable. The list of fillings is respectable (the caramelized onions are especially good), but we have a hunch that anyone who orders an omelet will spend most of their meal jealously eying their neighbor's breakfast sandwich.
Mo Perry
Folks with a sweet tooth will love the French toast, which comes with a generous sprinkling of powdered sugar that melts seductively into the golden, browned batter. Get it with fresh fruit (strawberries or bananas) or whipped butter and maple syrup.

The coffee is good and strong, and prices are reasonable. With the line for a table at Hazel's NE two doors down often spilling out onto the sidewalk on weekend mornings, another quick and tasty option for breakfast and lunch is a most welcome addition to the neighborhood. A few more items to round out the breakfast menu would make it even more likely to become a destination.

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