St. Paul Classic Cookie Company will not reopen

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Craig McNitt
This is how the cookie crumbled

After a truly valiant effort to keep its doors open, St. Paul Classic Cookie company announced via its blog that it won't be able to continue operating at its current retail location.  

It isn't the first business that was forced to close after light rail construction and detours made travel difficult in this section of St. Paul. Like their former neighbors before them, Caribe, the SPCCC turned to Kickstarter in hopes of raising the funds to continue operating. Sadly, it was not able to reach its goal.

If you're worried about how to feed your cookie fix, all hope is not yet lost.

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Katie Novotny holds out hope to find investors so that her bakery can relocate. Fans can invest in the future of the cookie company by buying cookie futures on the blog. In the meantime, cookies can be ordered by emailing her at

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@JoyEstelle @hotdishblog Thanks for the write-up! Hope is not lost, somehow, somewhere there will be a retail store again!


@spclassiccookie Yes! Onward! I'll miss you in that neighborhood, though. Keep me posted!


@JoyEstelle Thank you! I miss the neighborhood so much! Who knows, maybe the next store will be close. Here's to more cookies!

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