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Coffee News no more. French Meadow is moving in.

The former Coffee News space is getting a much-needed makeover. French Meadow, the longtime bakery and cafe in Uptown, is sprucing the space up and planning on opening a second location there.

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Coffee News had long been a haven for nearby Macalester students and faculty. However, tales of uneven food and the dubious coffee eroded its customer base. This year it seemed as though it had turned things around with a new chef and website -- it had even joined Twitter! The closure came as a surprise to many.

Soon the neighboring business, Coat of Many Colors, moved on as well.

Meanwhile, French Meadow has been expanding its business in all directions, from the announcement of a larger patio to its presence in grocers' freezer aisles. The bakery, the first certified organic in the country, has long understood the importance of vegetarian and vegan options.It was doing gluten-free before it was a buzzword.

French Meadow is expected to open in the new location in the spring. You can look at a picture of the plans here. We're only left wondering, what exactly is that color?

Location Info

Coffee News Cafe - CLOSED

1662 Grand Ave., St. Paul, MN

Category: Restaurant

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It will actually be their third location...

Lindsay Thron
Lindsay Thron

Looks like the same color as the Uptown location

k2yeb topcommenter

Overrated. IMO. I guess if you are more into where and how than what.

alix sophia
alix sophia

rip coffee news. seriously good fish and chips.

Charlie Seto
Charlie Seto

French Meadow, now in MSP and STP. Sweet.

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