Mankato Brewery names winner in Organ Grinder art contest

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Mankato fielded over 100 entries to design the label for its new amber ale

As we mentioned last week, Mankato Brewery is introducing a new amber ale, Organ Grinder, and held a contest to design the label art. Now, after looking through more than 100 entries, the brewery has announced a winner.

Here's a look at the artist and his winning design:

The winner is Michael Berglund, a Minnesota artist who owns special effects studio MNFX. He has also created Minnesota beer-related designs for Surly and the Minnesota Craft Brewer's Guild, including building the set to this year's Land of 10,000 Beers exhibit at the State Fair.

Head brewer Bobby Blasey, who developed the recipe, summarized the process: "When we were reviewing the submitted work it was clear that Berglund's work was something that had vision of the history of Organ Grinders, and it incorporated details about beer and brewing beer."

Mankato's Organ Grinder Amber Ale will launch later this month in restaurants and bars, with plans for six-packs in early 2013. It saw a limited release earlier this year as Center Street Series #1. Mankato Brewery products are largely available in southern Minnesota and the south Metro, with limited distribution in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Here is Berglund's winning handiwork:

Michael Berglund

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