Tiny Diner, Kim Bartmann's new restaurant, is taking shape

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Kim Bartmann's diner outlook is sunny side up

Prolific restaurateur Kim Bartmann, whose hip neighborhood locales include Bryant-Lake Bowl, Cafe Barbette, and Red Stag Supper Club, among others, is moving ahead with another new venture.  Her new restaurant will be green, not unlike Red Stag (which was the first LEED-certified restaurant in the country). Called Tiny Diner, it is beginning to take shape in south Minneapolis.

The restaurant will be at 38th and 11th Avenue, not far from Cedar Avenue, in what was recently a broasted chicken spot and a neighborhood cafe before that.  It will be a family-friendly spot serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Bartmann recently shared with Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl on her blog that there will also be a solar-panel-warmed patio where diners can sip wine and beer warmed without energy-sucking heaters. The green building will also use solar energy to add power to the restaurant.  They will also be installing permaculture gardening in conjunction with the nonprofit Permaculture Research Institute. The plan is to eventually use the gardens to teach about urban agriculture.

If plans go smoothly, Bartmann hopes to open this spring.

Tiny Diner
1024 E. 38th St., Minneapolis

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I mean SOUTHERN edge.  Sorry, I have no compass when pre-coffee.


I used to live less than a block from this site and watched several lackluster food enterprises come and go while I was living there. I'd fantasize about that little building becoming a neighborhood gem to rave about, and giving that northern edge of Powderhorn Park neighborhood a much-needed culinary facelift. Glad to see my wish coming true!

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