Man shot six times is saved by stumbling into Maxwell's bar in downtown Minneapolis

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Maxwell's American Pub
Off-duty nurses hanging out at Maxwell's saved the life of a man suffering from six gunshot wounds
A man who was unlucky enough to get shot six times was lucky enough to stumble into the right business when he went looking for help. Fortunately for him, six off-duty nurses happened to be sitting inside Maxwell's American Pub in downtown Minneapolis early Sunday morning. The nurses rushed to his aid and, using what little they had at hand, including the man's own belt, managed to slow the bleeding from his bullet wounds until paramedics arrived.

The shooting happened at around 1 a.m. on Sunday morning. The victim is expected to live.

The man was allegedly shot about a block away at Bobby & Steve's Auto World and managed to wander over in the cold to Maxwell's, located at 1201 Washington Ave South. The Star Tribune quoted one of the nurses on the scene, Tim Carew, saying, "The bartender thought he was asking for a shot."

The nurses were said to be in three separate groups and did not know one another before the shooting. As the events began to unfold, the nurses came to the rescue, calling out orders to bar staff as they all tended to the man's wounds using towels as compresses and the man's belt as a tourniquet.

Maxwell's Pub picked up the nurses' bar tab for the evening as a way to thank them for their work.

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Maxwell's American Pub

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