Potter's Pasties to open storefront near Dinkytown

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Another truck moving into a storefront

It's an awfully long, dark season to suffer through without the comfort of those hearty hand pies we've come to love. Luckily, we've just received news that tantalizingly soon, we will be able to fulfill our Potter's Pasties craving year-round.

Alec Duncan, who owns the trucks with his wife, Fiona, took time out of a much deserved family break across the pond share all the details.

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The new location will be next to Joe's Market on Como Avenue, in a former Broadway Pizza. The goal will be a space just like an English pasty shop, which means no seating. Pasty people can just come 'round the back, down the stairs, and straight into the belly of the action. Carry-out options will include ready-to-eat pasties as well as par-baked (for a slightly lower price) with baking instructions.

For those on the Top Ramen budget, they will offer a "poor boy" version of their signature pasties, smaller sizes made with a puff pastry. Also student-friendly is the delivery: Monday through Thursday from 5 to 10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday until midnight. The delivery area is still being worked out, but Duncan would like to extend that area to St. Paul.

The menu is expanding in all directions. In addition to the usual favorites, there will be gluten-free options (the fillings without the crust) as well as specials. We're particularly excited to check out a promised pork pie. There will always be other seasonal dishes inspired by those beloved in Scotland and England, like black bun (pastry-crusted fruit cake), Eccles cake (pastry stuffed with currants), Cadbury chocolates, and more.

The menu items will continue to feature many locally sourced ingredients. All of their packaging is already biodegradable and will continue to be. The goal is to be a zero-waste operation.

Downtown denziens need not panic: The truck and trailer will return when the weather turns warmer. In the meantime, we can park ourselves outside the new restaurant space and wait. Look for them to open as soon as March of this year.

Potter's Pasties
1827 Como Ave.,Minneapolis

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Potter's Pasties

221 E. 5th St., St. Paul, MN

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Frank Bi
Frank Bi

Como is now part of Dinkytown?

Diane O'Saurus-Rex
Diane O'Saurus-Rex

I did not know there was another meaning for the word "pasties".

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