Smoke in the Pit coming soon to Powderhorn

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Beloved BBQ joint resurfaces in Powderhorn this winter

Having moved from its East Lake Street location, Smoke in the Pit barbecue restaurant announced it will be setting up shop again, this time at 38th & Chicago, right across the street from Blue Ox Coffee.

If you never had the pleasure of sitting down to a plate of "meat and three" at the original location, here's a little more about what makes Smoke in the Pit unique and when you can expect it to open in Powderhorn.

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Owner Dwight Alexander tells The Line that his restaurant will serve real barbecue  - not just meat that's been grilled and smothered in sauce. He says everything at his restaurant will be slow-cooked and smoked, to coax out plenty of extra flavor without having to use a lot of extra fat. 

If all goes according to schedule, Alexander will be able to open the restaurant as soon as the end of this month or in early February.

Considering how well places like Northbound Smokehouse have done in this same general part of town, the Powderhorn neighborhood is likely to welcome Smoke in the Pit with open arms. Even better? It plans to offer delivery, which will really help diversify the same old pizza and Chinese food options in the area.

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I just hope it's good. Looking forward to walking past every day for free smells.


"At the end of this month or early February"?

swmnguy topcommenter

I sure hope this works out.  I miss Shorty & Wags.  Ted Cook's is great, but more good food is always better.  The 38th & Chicago area has been a tough place to run a restaurant for years.  Hoping this works, and that Kim Bartmann's new venture on 38th and 11th can work, too.


Let's clear one thing up. Slow smoked meat is what barbecue is. That isn't something smoke in the pit does different. I don't know who was dumb enough to suggest that, Dwight Alexander, or the amateur who wrote this story—but no real pit barbecue is "charred and flame licked."

Someone needs to do more homework, and I hope to god it isn't the guy who owns this restaurant.


@Steve I second Steve's comment.  This article needs to be corrected.  Minneapolis deserves to know the truth.

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