Tacos, Nachos, and Beer coming soon to downtown St. Paul

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Joy Summers
Tacos (and nachos and beer) will replace subs in downtown St. Paul

The old shuttered Jimmy John's on West Seventh in downtown St. Paul will soon be home to a fun, new, and very transparently titled restaurant called Tacos, Nachos, and Beer, reports the Pioneer Press. Yesterday the Twitterverse snarkily wondered what the taqueria will serve, but I for one, hope this is the start of a new trend. It's like the Snakes on a Plane of restaurants: The name says it all, and you know exactly what you're gonna get. 

Here's more specifics on what they'll serve and when they'll open.

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Set to open in late February or early March, the taqueria will serve authentic, Mexican-style tacos made with fresh corn tortillas, marinated meats, fresh seafood, and spare (but high-impact) accoutrement. It will also offer Mexican beers like Negro Modelo, Corona, Pacifico, Dos Equis, and others. Side note: Did you know that in 2010 Mexico beat out Holland as the top exporter of beer in the world? And we thought our beer scene was booming.

As far as the interior of the restaurant, Taco, Nachos, and Beer owner Guillermo Garavito plans to use the former sub shop layout to his advantage and will keep the kitchen open and visible to customers. 

The location, just a stone's throw from the Xcel Center, will be ideal for downtown office workers and pre-gamers. Look for more developments and updates soon.

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CinBlueland topcommenter

Just keep limited hours, say 9-6 and you might have a chance.. 

Sounds like a sucker bet though to try and start a biz in St Paul

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