The Lynn on Bryant's manager departs

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Jay Peterson (right) is exiting the Lynn

Back in October, after many long months of planning, building, delays, and fundraising, business partners chef Peter Ireland and manager Jay D. Peterson opened the hotly anticipated French-influenced restaurant the Lynn on Bryant. Reception of the restaurant has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly regarding the interior design and unique brunch items, though some local critics and Yelpers have noted that high prices on some dishes may keep this place from becoming a hub for neighborhood regulars. Now, after just a few short months of running smoothly, it looks like the restaurant will undergo a fairly major staff change.

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If you got used to having a mild-mannered, casually dressed, ponytailed, and bespectacled man greet you and seat you upon walking into the Lynn, you may be disappointed to find out he's no longer there.

Front-of-house manager Jay D. Peterson, former manager of the independent book store Magers & Quinn in Uptown, has departed the Lynn on Bryant. When asked for comment on the change in staffing, Peterson simply stated that he was "stepping aside for personal reasons" and that "a member of the current staff will be taking on the role of front-of-house manager."

No word on whether Peterson will remain in the restaurant world or return to his first literary love, but the overall concept of the Lynn is expected to stay the same.

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The Lynn on Bryant - CLOSED

5003 S. Bryant Ave., Minneapolis, MN

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"...but rest assured it won't change the menu or service style at the Lynn."

Are you qualified to make that claim? Do you have unmentioned knowledge about how they plan to react to this change? Are you claiming that the manager didn't have any effect on the menu design or customer service? 

Why so eager to paint a rose-colored picture of the restaurant? Do you know the owners or someone intimately involved with the business? Do you think it will get you comped drinks? Or do you simply think that the "Minnesota Nice" trope applies to critical thinking as well? 

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