Rybak and Green Bay mayor make Vikings-Packers wager of local foods

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Pictured here with the owners of Fulton, Mayor Rybak is now backing a different local business for Saturday's game

Many are looking forward to Saturday's big throwdown between our own Vikings and Green Bay's Pack, but some have more than just pride on the line. Mayor R.T. Rybak and Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt are among the many who have wagered something on this game, but theirs has less to do with money and more to do with munchies.

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If the Packers win Saturday's matchup, Mayor Schmitt will get house-made sausages from new downtown gem Butcher and the Boar. If the Vikings win, Mayor Rybak will receive Sno-Cap Root Beer and cheese from BelGioioso, both made locally in Green Bay. 

In a released statement, the Minneapolis mayor says, "Three hundred and sixty-two days a year, I represent a city near the border with many wonderful people from Wisconsin. Saturday night, however, my blood will run purple and Viking horns will spear the Cheeseheads. I'm looking forward to giving new meaning to 'Skol, Vikings!' with a good chug of Green Bay root beer and a side of Green Bay cheese."

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