Fireside Chat at Peace Coffee: A stimulating drink of the week

Kelly Moritz
Peace Coffee's Fireside Chat is an intriguing companion for any activity

Peace Coffee
Fireside Chat

Longer-lit days, rivers of freshly melted snow, and critters popping out of their hidey-holes seem to herald spring, but winter is a fickle mistress, with time aplenty for blazes and bearskin-rug canoodling, cupping something warm and fragrant between your hands. In the absence of firewood and bearskin, you can also honor winter yet to come with a hot cup o' Peace Coffee. Make a date with the Fireside Chat and spark something new with this seductively spicy coffee drink.

Kelly Moritz
Park the laptop and strike up something new with this orange-clove Americano

The Fireside Chat is "like a chocolate orange," as our barista described it -- an Americano made with orange-clove syrup, definitely reminiscent at first sip of those gold-foil-wrapped orbs often gifted by childless aunts at holiday time. The scent is intoxicatingly fragrant. The espresso is, not surprisingly, strong, smooth, and perfectly made. The house-made syrup distracts from the daily grind in a pleasant, teasing way. With the warmth and sweet, viscous mouth-feel of a fruity mulled wine, minus the eventual desire for a nap, Fireside Chat in your Peace Coffee mug is a sultry midday indulgence that will perk and pep, while satisfying the sophisticated sweet tooth. Fortified and caffeinated, you'll leave the sanctum of this Wonderland Park coffee shop ready to connect, to communicate, to forge knee-high puddles of slush from now until the great thaw. Winter's just better when shared.

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Peace Coffee

3262 Minnehaha Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN

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