Nelly eats monstrous mystery dessert in Minneapolis

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Country Grammar rapper is grammin' his dessert, just like everyone else

It's been a good week for Minneapolis restaurants and their celebrity clients. We recently reported about comedian and actor Nick Offerman tweeting his gratitude to Jax Cafe in northeast for fulfilling his steak fantasies, and now a very different public figure has taken to another social media platform to give Minneapolis a sweet shout-out. 

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Rapper Nelly was in town Wednesday, and according to eyewitnesses and Nelly's own Twitter feed, he made an appearance at General Mills headquarters (please, please say Nelly is getting his own cereal), attended a Timberwolves game, and capped off the night with a gigantic, whipped-cream-covered dessert at a Minneapolis restaurant, but failed to disclose which one.

Here's the picture from Instagram:
Via derrtymo's Instagram
Nelly devours mystery dessert in Minneapolis

Our best guess is that this is the Manny's Brownie with Strawberries from Manny's Steak House, mainly due to the sheer, massive size of the dish, which is one of Manny's signature moves. Anyone else have a better idea or spot him out and about? Was he wearing the Band-Aid? Take it to the comments please.

UPDATE: Reportedly the rapper is in talks regarding an endorsement deal with General Mills, specifically a Honey Nut Cheerios-related project. #MustBeTheHoney is the most amazing rap/cereal crossover hashtag we have ever seen.

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Manny's Steakhouse

825 Marquette Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN

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