Midori's closing temporarily, Shish Cafe plans to expand

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Bre McGee
Shish Cafe in St. Paul is growing with a new project

Due to a burst water pipe burst in the apartments above Midori's Floating World near the corner of East Lake and Minnehaha Ave., the restaurant has been forced to close until further notice. 
And while one restaurant shuts down, another expands.

Here are more newsy bits from the restaurant world:
The water damage to Midori's has been considerable. According to the owners, the entire floor will need to be ripped out and replaced which may take several days. The one upside of the situation? "The good news: when you all come back, Midori's will not be pink," says the restaurant via their Facebook page. (Where you can also keep up to date on their plans to re-open.)

In an entirely different neck of the woods, another remodel has been quietly taking shape. Shish Cafe on Grand Ave. in St. Paul is adding both space and staff in what has been termed an expansion project, but seems to be more like a separate restaurant with a whole new concept. Beth and Leo Judeh, owners of Shish, are taking over the old Grand Sandwich space at 1672 Grand Ave., just two doors down from the always-packed Shish Cafe. The new restaurant is called Grand Central and will serve "moderately-priced high-quality food" including "sandwiches, crepes, salads, and espresso drinks", according to their proposal.

With the new French Meadow location moving into the old Coffee News space just a few doors down, this whole area of Grand near the Macalester campus is getting the food industry boost it needs. Stay tuned for more updates. 

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Midori's Floating World Cafe

2629 E. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN

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I've seen the interior of the soon-to-be Grand Central. It was in progress, but promises to be a nice space. I think it'll share a pretty close relationship with Shish as there won't be any vent hoods in the new place. It'd be prohibitively limiting food-wise if they didn't have Shish (and it's full kitchen) just a few doors down.  Only thing wrong they've done so far is not hire me as their chef.

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