Smack Shack: A First Look

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Smack Shack_lobster girl_Amdahl.jpg
Keane Amdahl
The waters are roiling and Smack Shack is ready to open

The most anticipated food truck to restaurant opening is fast approaching. This past weekend the owners of the Smack Shack invited press, friends and family to experience the latest restaurant to light up the North Loop.

The room is huge. Upon entry there is a bar with plenty of room for bellying up as well as a pull tab booth and lottery wheel - a little nod to their friends at the 1029 Bar.  In the center of the room, a steaming vat of water stands at the ready for sacks to boil. Bins are stacked nearby, filled with enormous live lobsters. The back room will hold low tables and leads to a patio space big enough to race a Mini Cooper down. When the sun returns, there will be plenty of space to stretch out, grab a lobster roll and soak in some of that precious Minnesota summer.

Above the dining room is a mezzanine space available for private parties. Much of the room remains raw: Lots of gray concrete, lobster traps used for light fixtures, and wall art made from real lobster shells. The tables are set with red and white tablecloths, ready for lobster shell crackin', finger licking, beer sipping good times.

Smack Shack Mahi Mahi taco (550x413).jpg
Joy Summers
Mighty tasty mahi mahi taco

Food samples served included a lobster corn dog drizzled with a spicy mayo; fried green tomato po' boys; braised beef and mahi mahi tacos; and Smack Shack's creamy lobster mac and cheese with pungent Taleggio.

Smack Shack_lobster mac_Amdahl.jpg
Keane Amdahl
Creamy dreamy lobster mac n cheese

The menu matches the expansive space. There are starters like the lobster guacamole - corn tortilla chips served with creamy avocado, spiked with chilies and topped with the crustacean of the hour. There are also plenty of bites available for those who eschew shellfish, like buffalo wings and smoked duck poutine, as well as tacos, sliders, soups, and salads.  A raw bar selection includes an oyster array, little neck clams, shrimp, and a sea bass ceviche.  There are also rolls, including their famous lobster roll, and Po' boys made with fish, meat, or the green tomato vegetarian option. They even have burgers and full entrees. It's a menu built to please every diner.

Smack Shack will officially open their doors this Friday, February 8th.

Smack Shack, website
603 Washington Ave. N., Minneapolis
(612) 259-7288

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