Summit Brewery rebrands, announces new logo for 2013

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Summit through the ages

Fourteen years after its last major rebranding, St. Paul's Summit Brewery is back at it again. Late last week the godfathers of Minnesota craft brewing announced that in 2013 the brand will debut a new logo. Look for the new logo to launch early this spring.
According to Summit's blog, the new logo will make its first official appearance April 1 at Target Field on the Minnesota Twins' opening day at the newly redesigned Summit Town Ball Tavern. The logo will be hitting labels shortly thereafter. On April 15 the newly designed logo will be displayed on the front of its new Union Series beer, Meridian Session Ale.
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Summit founder Mark Stutrud
According to Summit founder Mark Stutrud, "We redesigned our original logo in 1999 after the new brewery opened. With the expansion of the brewery 14 years later, we felt it was again time to update our look. Innovation is part of our DNA, and we think this change signals that commitment while also honoring the community that built this company."

The logo is a redesign by local design firm Duffy & Partners and is meant to carry on the legacy of the previous two incarnations of the logo. The trademark diamond shape stays, as does the banner that's meant to be a representation of a St. Paul street sign. The new logo ditches the more realistic representation of the wheat and hops and instead replaces them with more stylized versions.

The full rebranding process will take place throughout 2013 and into 2014.

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MNjoe topcommenter

I like the new font but agree with a previous poster - the barley looks like centipedes.

Nathan David Teegarden
Nathan David Teegarden

Their original logo was the best. But I'm sure they paid someone with a fancy degree lots of money to tell them they needed a new logo. Can't let that go to waste.


Like the direction, but the barley looks like centipedes. 

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