Surly launches Pentagram at Butcher & the Boar this weekend

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Pentagram's ominous label promises a magically dark brew

In honor of its latest seasonal beer, Pentagram, a dark and malty beer aged in red-wine barrels to enhance its sour cherry and tobacco notes, Surly Brewing is throwing a release party Sunday hosted by downtown meatery Butcher & the Boar.

Here's more on the story behind the beer and some of the food Butcher & the Boar's team is creating just for the event.

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Surly unveiled Pentagram at the Great American Beer Fest in Denver last fall to a giddy and receptive audience. Soon after, Surly brewer Todd Haug noted plans for Pentagram to become a yearly release.

Technically the beer is an American Wild Ale, but in addition to the uncommon style and aging process, Pentagram is also unique due to the use of Brettanomyces, which are used in place of regular brewer's yeast in the recipe. Because Brettanomyces produce a considerable amount of acetic acid, the beer gets a distinctive sourness. Many lambics and saison beers use Brettanomyces, but Pentagram is a heavier-bodied, maltier, darker brew than either of those styles, and it is currently enjoying a rating of "exceptional" on BeerAdvocate.

To celebrate the release of 14,000 bottles of Pentagram, Butcher & the Boar's talented kitchen team led by chef Jack Riebel will offer a special Surly Hell beer brat and a smoked Surly Pentagram sausage for just $7 a pop. In addition to Pentagram, the bar will be pouring other favorites from Surly, including Abrasive, Darkness, Mild, Furious, Hell, and Coffee Bender. The event starts at 5 p.m. and will go until closing.
Here are all the details on the Facebook event page.

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Butcher & the Boar

1121 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN

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