The Hipshaker at Ward 6: A drink of the week for the kid in you

Ward 6

Kelly Moritz
Goslings and Kahlua sweeten the deal in Ward 6's Hipshaker

A burger and fries with a shake to wash it down. Is there any such iconic fast food trio that can speak better to the innocence (and the lightening-fast metabolism) of youth? Wouldn't you like to throw old-person things like "points" or your "glycemic index" to the wind and slurp your glass of dessert with your main dish, carefree? Ward 6 in Saint Paul captures that youthful spirit and makes it new-old again with grass-fed beef burgers, hand cut fries, and the Hipshaker, a booze-laden milkshake spun up fresh on the gleaming retro Multimixer holding court over the end of Ward 6's formidable bar.

Kelly Moritz
A vintage green Multimixer watches over happy imbibers

The straight skinny? This Hipshaker is exactly what it should be: An old fashioned stick-blended, decadent mouthful or ten that will have even the dessert-averse loudly sucking the last creamy sip from the bottom of the glass. Spicy and oh-so-dark Goslings rum mates with Kahlua's smooth coffee pep, swirling together in the forbidden dance of liquid versus solid, straw or spoon. Because this most childlike of indulgences is named a proper "adult" beverage, having your ice cream and drinking it too becomes the downright responsible choice. It's a throwback, but the expansive wooden bar and hip late night clientele of this Eastside eatery provide a distinctly different backdrop from the florescent lights and Formica tabletops of shake days past.

Kelly Moritz
Ward 6 barkeep Juleana, shaking things up

Oh yes, your hips will shake. Maybe more in a kid scarfing cake for breakfast on its birthday morning spastic style shaking, and less in the sultry, middle of the night drinking rum in a club swiveling style that the drink's name evokes. And if these Ward 6 concoctions, like the Powers and Baileys laced Irish Sweepshake, become a nightly affair, it's a good bet you'll have more hip to shake before long. But hey, "YOLO," right? At least that's what we think the kids are saying these days.

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Ward 6

858 Payne Ave., Saint Paul, MN

Category: Restaurant

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