AZ Canteen's Cabrito burger: 50 Favorite Dishes, no. 33

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Stephanie A. Meyer
Come get some

The Bizarre Foods star diversifying into a food truck might have sounded on the surface like an attempt to cash in on a fad. For one, Andrew Zimmern seems a touch too busy these days to be working a tiny line in a truck. Instead, this new venture with the eye-popping decor carries his message of alternative protein sources and the old adage, "If it looks good, eat it!" The food we found inside definitely looks good, but it tastes even better.

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The Cabrito burger, with ground goat, is tender and savory. It was incredibly juicy and topped with fire-roasted tomatoes in place of ketchup. This is a dish not just from chef Zimmern, but also from chef Asher Miller. The onetime 20.21 chef has worked with the Zimmern team to develop the menu. Having once worked for Wolfgang Puck, the man knows his way around a celebrity-helmed kitchen. But back to this burger. The bun is buttery and toasted. Caramelized onions are rendered sweet and meaty. The entire business is layered with some zesty, tart pickles. If you weren't aware, you would likely not know it was made in part from goat, or "cabrito." All you need to know is that this burger will have you grasping for napkins and licking your fingers in delight.

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Tiffanie Stager
Tiffanie Stager

Looks like the chatterbox Mediterranean garlic burger

A Nunnayabidness Lopez
A Nunnayabidness Lopez

I wanna say that looks good.. but the distortion of the bottom bun (if that's what it is) also makes me feel like gagging on a day like today.

Clarence Reed
Clarence Reed

:d. that like organic homemade bigmac or something?

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