City Pages Restaurant Guide 2013 is on newsstands now!

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Emily Utne
Take a bite out of the Twin Cities' best dining gems with a little help from City Pages. Today, the Restaurant Guide 2013 hits newsstands with hundreds of must-try restaurants around the Twin Cities. Here's a preview.

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This year's Restaurant Guide features some of our favorite restaurants in the Twin Cities including:

Top 10 Italian Restaurants

Top 10 Steak Houses

Top 10 Street Eats

Top 10 Tacquerias

Top 10 Cupcakes

Top 10 Craft Cocktail Bars

Top 10 Sandwiches

Top 10 Indian Restaurants

Top 10 Japanese Restaurants

Top 10 Farmer's Markets

Top 10 French Fries

Top 15 Places to Eat with Kids

For even more restaurants around the metro area, check out our extensive restaurant listings.

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Don't forget to pick up a copy of our Restaurant Guide 2013 on newsstands inside our issue about the Cave Wars.

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tcraine moderator communitymanager

@derricktsweet One of our photographers, Emily Utne, took the photo for the cover of our Restaurant Guide this year. You can find that sandwich and more at The Meadows Bar and Grille at Mystic Lake!

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