Foxy Falafel's curry falafel: 50 Favorite Dishes, no. 39

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Alma Guzman
The spice is so nice
As a countdown to the Best of the Twin Cities 2013, coming April 17, the Hot Dish is serving up 50 of our favorite local dishes.

Erica Strait has garnered a passionate following from her appearances at local farmers markets to the curbs where she has parked her Foxy Falafel food truck (nicknamed Roxy). It's hard not to be smitten with her delicious, homey, healthy foods.

The curry falafel is full of fragrant spice. Crispy on the outside, it's tender as the morning on the inside and full of sunny color. It's Midwestern-spice-level friendly. The spice is all about flavor, not heat. Although if you like it hot, just try some of her harissa. The curry falafel is available as a sandwich or a gluten-free platter.

50 Favorite Dishes:
No. 50: Somos Peru's crema volteada
No. 49: Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub's waffle battered chicken sandwich
No. 48: Namaste Cafe's bison mamacha
No. 47: MidNord's Argentinian empanadas
No. 46: Krungthep's Thai sausage
No. 45: Eat Shop's shrimp salad
No. 44: Icehouse's savory eclair
No. 43: Cajun 2 Geaux's beignets
No. 42: A Cupcake Social's dulce de leche cupcake
No. 41: French Hen's Creole biscuits and gravy
No. 40: The Gray House's cabbage and cava salad

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Foxy Falafel

791 Raymond Ave., St Paul, MN

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