Graze 4 Good food event supports young entrepreneurs

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The Left Handed Cook's chef Thomas Kim takes part in Graze 4 Good

Young philanthropists getting together to help raise funds to support young entrepreneurs was the name of the game at this years Graze 4 Good event hosted in Midtown Global Market's kitchen space, Kitchen in the Market. The yearly event was put on by Fourth Generation, a program of the Minneapolis Foundation geared toward teaching young professionals about charitable giving. Each year Fourth Generation picks a theme for giving, and this year's efforts are aimed at empowering young entrepreneurs.

The event had several of the Twin Cities' top chefs preparing a slew of small plates and bites for guests to raise money to help young would-be business owners.

Piccolo/Sandcastle's Pickled herring with horseradish panna cotta (in an eggshell)
The chefs included Piccolo's Doug Flicker, David Dahmes of Tilia, and Mike Brown of Travail. The event paid special attention to the efforts of chef Thomas Kim and his partner in Left Handed Cook, co-owner Kat Melgaard. The two are recent transplants to the city but have created one of the hottest dining spots in Minneapolis. As such, they have unofficially become the embodiment of young entrepreneurship in the Twin Cities.

Some of the dishes at the event included pickled herring with horseradish panna cotta from Piccolo/Sandcastle chef-owner Doug Flicker, a bison terrine and a smoked trout mousse in a speck cannoli from the folks at Tilia, a pork skin noodle courtesy of the Left Handed Cook, and a Foie Gras tree with multiple "flavors" of foie gras presented by Travail.

The event was primarily a mix, mingle, and graze event where people wandered around enjoying delectable nibbles while discussing young entrepreneurship.

The apricot, huckleberry and maraschino cherry foie gras tree from Travail
In a speech by the Left Handed Cook's Kim, he explained, "We pretty much came here with the idea that we would want to open a small restaurant, so as soon as we landed, we pretty much sought out every location that we could, although ironically, not at Midtown Global Market. We went everywhere outside of the area, but we actually came here to eat some tacos and found out that the location had closed, but the space was available. So, it ended up being fortuitous for us. But you know, unfortunately I didn't get my tacos."

He went on to explain the difficulties of opening a small business, especially being from out of town, but that they received a tremendous amount of help and support from the community at large, including Midtown's management, chef Doug Flicker, and "the wonderful ladies at Kitchen in the Market."

Fourth Generation has provided over $50,000 in funding for various causes, and this year they hope to raise $35,000 to help out and support young business owners.

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Midtown Global Market

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