Midori's Floating World re-opens, Tin Fish gets a truck

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Angharad Guy
Tin Fish heads out of the water, Midori's Floating World no longer underwater

Midori's Floating World, near the corner of East Lake and Minnehaha Avenue, announced it will re-open after a nearly two-month-long hiatus. The Japanese restaurant was forced to close for extensive repairs after a water pipe burst and caused damage to the floor and walls. But now that it is once again floating, Midori's is taking life's lemons and making them into a Grand Re-opening party, slated to take place on Wednesday, April 3. Stay tuned for details on the party.

And while one restaurant re-opens, another announces plans to take its operation out on the road.

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Tin Fish, the seasonal pop-up seafood restaurant at Lake Calhoun, is adding a food truck just in time for the warmer weather, but it won't be serving its signature fish tacos. Tin Fish owner Sheff Priest tells the Downtown Journal the concept is a "1950s soda fountain on wheels." The truck will be circling Calhoun and selling ice cream, popsicles, and other "grownup novelties." It also plans to visit weekend farmers markets and make the truck available for private parties.

Permits still need to be secured for the new truck, but Priest has his sights set on this spring/summer.

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No fish tacos? So the Tin Fish people are starting a side venture, but it's not really Tin Fish adding a food truck. It should be called something like the Traveling Carbonated Woolworth's Revue or CheeseBurgerPepsi or FIZZ! But folks will be pizzed if they call it anything Tin Fish and don't have their "signature" item. We certainly don't need to replicate the ugly mislabeled food truck riots of the 40's that crippled the industry for almost 3/4's of a century and gave this area a hickory smoke blackened eye from which we still haven't recovered.

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