Mill City Cafe to return as the Mill NE

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Bre McGee
A Northeast neighborhood restaurant is resurrected
Wild rice pancake fans have cause for rejoicing! Last May the Mill City Cafe closed its doors but promised fans it would not be forever. The Northeast restaurant has finally found a new home and will be going by a new name. We spoke with owner Mandy Zechmeister about the new location.

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They are resurrecting their neighborhood joint inside the one-time Porky's location at 1851 Central Ave. NE. While they won't be offering drive-thru, they will have Jim Smart's Smart Associates freshening up the old restaurant space. Smart's other restaurant designs include hip spots like Heidi's 2.0, Hazel's NE, and Moto-i among others.

With the new space comes a new name. Zechmeister explained, "We don't want to re-create ourselves necessarily but hope to refresh and renew." The Mill NE will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner and is planning for a full bar and patio. For those of us who adored the last incarnation's outdoor space, we can't wait to see this new little corner of the world.

Fingers are crossed for an early summer opening.

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Heh, the spoiled rich-kid baby that runs the other Mill in NE must be having a hissy fit about this name. Be on the lookout for a C&D Mandy, that dude loves picking fights.


Keith Morris
Keith Morris

Nice to see a quality business fill in one of the vacant spots on this end of Central Ave. Maya opened up not too long ago just down the street, so hopefully something good will soon follow on the corner across the street. A good bar catering to the artist crowd in the surrounding warehouses would be great.

Drewey topcommenter

Hopefully they will bring their biscuits and gravy to the new location.


@foureyes137   who is C&D if I might ask?  Actually, it doesn't matter.  The other "Mill" which I am not familiar with- other than the "Mill City Museum "Mill"" is not a concern.  If the name has to be changed to "The Restaurant" it really won't matter.  The food and service will be all the distinction needed.   


@hola666 Uh, heh.. a C&D is a cease and desist order (if you are in business and have never received one, consider yourself fortunate). 

A cursory search of Google yields the other The Mill NE, no matter, that business announced it will be closing 04/20 (man) so consider your crisis averted...

Tell Ryley we said "hi".

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