Piccolo among the "most underrated" restaurants in America

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Soft scrambled eggs with pig's feet and truffle butter at Piccolo

Eater.com has released a list of 25 of the nation's most underrated restaurants, i.e., places that are on par with the top eateries in the country but don't always get the media attention they deserve or are overshadowed by their more-hyped or long-established peers. Two Chicago restaurants -- Near (which another Chicago chef claims doesn't even get local press due to its suburban location) and Nightwood on South Halstead represented the Midwest on Eater's list, along with one Minneapolis small-plates restaurant.

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Local chefs and food personalities like Andrew Zimmern have named Piccolo as a top Twin Cities dining destination, but even that kind of lip service has not managed to garner a lot of national-level press for Doug Flicker's exquisite and creative small-plates restaurant in Kingfield. 

"Precise food; totally chef-driven; incredible Midwest price point," says Eater Minneapolis editor Claire Stanford. "[Piccolo] would knock it out of the park, in my opinion, no matter where they were located, San Francisco, New York, wherever. I never hear about them nationally, which boggles my mind."

We have to say, the Hot Dish agrees, and we're really looking forward to Flicker's upcoming project Sandcastle, the brick-and-mortar concession (in the vein of Bread & Pickle and Sea Salt) he's developing at Lake Nokomis, set to open late this spring.

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