Rincon 38: A first look at the south Minneapolis tapas spot

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Joy Summers
Small plates in a cozy space
The new little neighborhood tapas restaurant is brand new but feels familiar. Fans of the departed El Meson will find a few fondly remembered flavors. The interior is brightly lit and warm with blue-tiled accents. Chef Hector Ruiz, who owned El Meson as well as the nearby Cafe Ena has poured his passion for small plates and Spanish pimentón into this cozy new space.

There are roughly 50 seats, making for an intimate space. The bar is lined with bottles of affordable, carefully selected wines and taps of craft beer. The signature sangria is also available for quaffing.

Rincon 38 Patatas bravas (550x367).jpg
Joy Summers
Patatas bravas with saffron aioli and sausage

The small plates are built for grazing. We sampled the patatas bravas, brightly hued potatoes tossed with sausage slices, asparagus, onions, and artichokes and drizzled with a saffron aioli.

Rincon 38 Iberico (550x367).jpg
Joy Summers
Cured meats and cheese topped with balsamic and truffle oil

The plato Iberico featured fat slices of serrano ham and other cured meats served with aged cheese and olives, drizzled with a sweet 12-year-old balsamic vinegar and a heavy-handed splash of truffle oil.

Rincon 38 queso frito (550x367).jpg
Joy Summers
Crispy fried cheese

Queso frito, is a rectangle of crispy fried cheese, gooey in the center, topped with a crisp apple, fennel slaw, and a drizzle of sweet sherry sauce and a bit of the balsamic. There was a lot of drizzling going on.

Wines were reasonably priced, and a Tres Picos Garnacha paired nicely with the meats and some pinchos de carne. Fat hunks of steak were tossed with red peppers and artichoke hearts, topped with the saffron aioli and served with the traditional toothpicks for easy picking and munching.

Rincon 38 pinchos de asada (550x392).jpg
Joy Summers
Nibbles of steak and peppers

Fans of Ruiz's seafood dishes at Cafe Ena will be happy with the selection at Rincon 38. Those in the neighborhood looking for some later-night eats are also enjoying that they are open until midnight every day.

Rincon 38
3801 Grand Ave S., Minneapolis
612.824.4052; Rincon 38 website

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Rincon 38

3801 Grand Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN

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