Rincón 38 opens, bringing tapas to south Minneapolis

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Rincón 38, the newest restaurant from Chef Hector Ruiz, opened its doors Wednesday

Many mourned the loss of  south Minneapolis's El Meson, but now, from the ashes of the closed restaurant, rises Rincón 38, the newest eatery from chef Hector Ruiz. Rincón 38 opened its doors Wednesday to much anticipation. 

Rincón 38 boasts a small-plate selection containing Spanish, Italian, and French influences. The restaurant can be found at the intersection of 38th and Grand in south Minneapolis. 
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Photo from Alejandra Peña
Rincón 38 specializes in small plates
Ruiz's tapas menu hosts a variety of delectable-sounding small plates. Some of the things you'll see are a smoked salmon crostini with a cava vinaigrette, queso frito (fried cheese) with a sherry glaze, bacalao (a salt cod fritter), and an Italian canolli filled with crab, lobster, and ricotta mascarpone and served with a truffle-almond sauce.

Things like braised octopus and potatoes, savory mushroom flan, and a traditional Spanish gambas al ajillo (shrimp in garlic sauce) also sound particularly appealing.

Rincón 38 carries a variety of wines from various regions of France, Italy, and Spain, which can be ordered by a "taste," glass, or bottle. The tasting glasses are three ounces, and most of the options are between $3 and $4. If you're feeling a little experimental, that could be a fun way to go.

If you're looking for a new little neighborhood spot in south Minneapolis this weekend, Rincón 38 looks to be worth checking out.

Rincon 38 3801 Grand Ave. S., Minneapolis 612.824.4052; Rincon 38 website

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