What's going on at Sweets Bakeshop?

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Tony Nelson
A sign says vacation, Facebook says construction, but the shops have been dark for over a month

The lights have been out for over a month at the shops that sell the wee little cupcakes and French macaroons, and it's unclear when, if ever, they will return. The window display at the St. Paul location is starting to show some age, and the sign on the door proclaims that they're on "vacation" until March 1 -- nearly a month ago. The website and Facebook pages claim that the stores are "closed for construction." Hopes for a return are starting to diminish

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The end was first predicted back in July 2011 when founding partner Krista Steinbach parted ways with partner Ly Lo in 2011. Steinbach, a Culinary Institute of America-trained pastry chef, eventually joined the critically acclaimed team at the Bachelor Farmer. Her exit followed an expansion to Minneapolis.

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Joy Summers
Sweets Bakeshop Minneapolis location

The original St. Paul location is on a highly trafficked street with a large, clear window to show off their adorable displays. Conversely, the Minneapolis location has no display and was a little harder to find, tucked off Nicollet and sharing a parking lot with a gas station.

Still, they carried on. While some claimed the flavors just weren't the same, plenty of others seemed to remain devoted to the salty-sweet kettlecorn cupcakes and the vibrantly colored, flavor-packed macaroons.

Tony Nelson
Who will make us mini cupcakes now?

More recently, the bakery announced a confusing name change to "Cupcake Caramel by Sweets Bakeshop." According to some disgruntled customers on their Facebook page, some recent orders were canceled without warning, and another was disappointed with an order that was filled.

The Hot Dish reached out to Lo, but calls were not immediately returned.

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Sweets Bakeshop - CLOSED

2042 Marshall Ave., St. Paul, MN

Category: Restaurant

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I went by the shop today (to get to Kopplins of course) and there was a for rent/lease sign in the window. I think that makes it clear they are not coming back from "vacation"!


I had a Groupon from Sweets Bakeshop and it expired in February and I got an email from Groupon in Feb that said that the bakery was being sold and to be sure to use the Groupon if you hadn't already?!

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