Twin Cities ranked 6th best pizza town in the country by Market Watch

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The Wall Street Journal's Market Watch loved Twin Cities pizza. Which places did it single out?

On Sunday, Market Watch (published by the Wall Street Journal) ranked the Twin Cities as the sixth best city in the country for pizza. This is the second time this year that a national publication has cited Minneapolis-St.Paul as among the best pizza in the nation.

The article calls out by name Punch Pizza for its classic "Verace Pizza Napoletana"-style pies, Pizza Luce for its looser interpretations of Neapolitan pizza, and Pizzeria Lola for its "artisan style" pizzas.

A lineup from Pizza Luce
In January, Food & Wine magazine cited both Punch Pizza and Pizzeria Lola as being among their top 50 picks in the country, with Punch landing at the No. 15 spot and Lola coming in at No. 45.

According to Market Watch, " Readers may have just discovered the Twin Cities' array of classic and quirky pizzas: The metropolis climbed nine slots since last year."

Let's see how we fare next year as beloved local pizza places seem to be opening up on the regular. How will places like this week's newly opened Hello Pizza or Burch Steak & Pizza help us in the national rankings. Only time will tell.

You can read the full Market Watch pizza list here.

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