Union makes changes to dining room policy

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Alma Guzman
Slight changes to the main dining room, but the rooftop will stay the same

Downtown hotspot Union has been a magnet for see-and-be-seen types since opening in November, thanks in large part to the swanky top floor dining room, with its bustling bar and retractable rooftop. The multilevel concept -- with Marquee in the basement, more formal dining in the middle level, and window-lined, four-season patio up top -- has worked well for the restaurant thus far, but it recently announced it will be making a few small adjustments regarding reservations in the main dining room.

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Union's main-floor dining room will now be closed to the public from Sunday to Wednesday so the restaurant can make space available to large private parties and exclusive corporate events, reports the Downtown Journal. It will still take reservations for couples and small groups as usual on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

If you're planning to dine at Union in the earlier part of the week, it might be helpful to know that there have also been some changes to the rooftop menu. Chef Jim Christiansen has added a handful of entree salads, including a classic Cobb salad with grilled steak and braised chicken Caesar; an oxtail burger and Union's take on a croque monsieur; and large plates, including steak frites and egg noodles with sautéed lamb, cumin, and chile oil.

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If we take the spin out of this, it means that the dining room hasn't been making money on weekdays, right?  


@amiller92 That's how I see it. There's a restaurant in Plymouth that now operates entirely like that--it basically converted from a regular restaurant into a banquet hall aimed at the Eastern European/former Soviet republics crowd. It's always booked on Friday/Saturday. Probably keeps the bottom line in check. 


@amiller92 If it is anything like two of my experiences with Eat Street Social, the money making big group corporate/private reservations get to bump existing reservations to accomodate. This move by Union is probably to more easily accomodate the corporate groups w/o having to rearrange a bunch of existing reservations. It's pretty annoying getting a call the day before saying your reservation you made well in advance had to be moved. 


@amiller92 There's just no way to get a strait answer out of anyone anymore, is there?


Maybe, but the two times I've been to dining room at Union (both weeknights I think, although in fairness the first time was opening night), it wasn't very crowded, and the food didn't suggest to me that it would soon be.

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