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Lake Harriet's Bread & Pickle is in debates with the city over its proposed beer and wine license

Lake Harriet's lakeside dining destination Bread & Pickle is in a debate with the city over details of the restaurant's proposal to offer beer and wine. Though the city supports the idea for B&P to acquire a beer and wine permit, the conflict arises from the area in which the restaurant will be able to serve alcohol. Restaurateur and owner Kim Bartmann has proposed a service area of about 150 seats that spans halfway around the pavilion and would offer seating options closer to the lake. The city has countered with a much smaller space in a small radius that hugs the restaurant.

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Bread & Pickle vs. the city; which area works best for you?
The debate is over Bread & Pickle's ability to control the movement of alcohol once it's been served. The city wants to make sure people can't wander over to the nearby bandshell or other off-limits areas with their frosty summertime beverages. Both Lake Calhoun's Tin Fish and Minnehaha Falls' Sea Salt have large service areas that exceed the size of Bartmann's proposal.

According to a report by the Southwest Journal, Grant Wilson, a business licensing manager for the city, says of Bartmann's proposal, "This one just doesn't fit very well, because I don't believe we have another on-sale beverage alcohol place that the public can intermingle with people where she wouldn't have control over what they do."

Bartmann has made it clear that she's unwilling to settle on the matter, stating, "If it's only the smaller area, I won't do it. It's not going to happen. I am willing to compromise on some of that area, but if it's just that small area that's drawn, it's not happening, There's no reason for it to be that small, and no one will be happy."

Supporters of the restaurant's new beer and wine plans have started an online petition to help sway the city.

Bartmann was recently nominated for a James Beard Award for Outstanding Restaurateur of the Year. She also owns several other well-known establishments around town, including Barbette, Bryant-Lake Bowl, the Red Stag, and Gigi's.

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