Dandelion Kitchen's braised beef sandwich, 50 Favorite Dishes, no. 13

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Today we speak in defiance of this ridiculously lame excuse for a spring. We speak of that sunshine colored truck that usually would be parked outside the IDS building on the sidewalk along Nicollet Mall. We speak of freshly-made sodas with bright ingredients and nose-tickling carbonation. We speak of meals, so lovingly crafted from local ingredients that they fill our stomachs by way of our heart and soul. We speak of the glory of the Dandelion Kitchen's sandwich.

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Their menu changes with the seasons, taking advantage of area farmer's bounty. The bread is also local made from the same tender dough as the Salty Tart's milk buns. Shiny like one of our 10, 000 lakes on a summer day; the sheen atop the bread catches the sun's rays and bounces them back into your warm-weather starved cheeks. Inside the bread is plush; you'd like to wrap yourselves within its layers until the snow is forever banished from the soggy ground.

Tucked inside is a fistful of juicy, braised meat - beef in this case, topped with crunchy, colorful greens and a dose of their sweet-tart pickled onions. Each bite yields succulent meat, crunchy, crispy, sweet, sour and just a little bit of creamy spice from the spread. It's a delicious bite of summer, and we'd like one right now.

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Dandelion Kitchen

Nicollet Mall & 8th St. S., Minneapolis, MN

Category: Restaurant

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