Fulton Brewery plans an outdoor patio

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Katie Hoffman
Fulton plans to add some green space to its popular North Loop brewery

The North Loop may fast be gaining a reputation as the premier food neighborhood in the Twin Cities, but for all the hot restaurants and chic cocktail bars, this area is a bit lacking when it comes to outdoor patios, especially those with some green space. Sure, there are a few tables scattered on the sidewalks outside Black Sheep and Bar La Grassa, and Smack Shack is promising to add patio seating once the weather warms, but this section of the Warehouse District is still largely industrial, so foliage and flowers are few and far between. In an effort to green up the North Loop landscape, Fulton Brewery is now aiming to add its own patio.

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In addition to the patio, which will have landscaping designed by Tangletown Gardens, Fulton plans to expand its bike parking space, reports the Downtown Journal.

Plans for the patio were presented on Sunday night to the North Loop's Zoning Committee so it's still in the early stages, but Fulton's Chief Operating Officer Jim Diley tells the Hot Dish the brewery "hopes to have the patio completed by June 1."

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MNjoe topcommenter

But why do they charge $12 for a growler (64 oz) in a returnable deposit jug at the brewery when I can walk down to Hum's and pick up a 6-pk (72 oz) of the same beer for $9? Considering the 6-pk contains non-returnable bottles, has printing and shipping costs, how can it cost less? Or are the growlers a major rip-off?

Adrian Cumming
Adrian Cumming

Really excited to hear about this! Do you have any concept drawings you could share?


Will totally enjoy another outdoor patio at our end of The North Loop Minneapolis!


@MNjoe because they don't want to undercut their distributors. it's bad for business.

MNjoe topcommenter

@beef @MNjoe Then why charge more at the brewery?  With much lower expenses selling a growler at Fulton than a 6-pk at a liquor store, there shouldn't be such a disparity in the price. I think that's bad for business - they haven't had much of mine lately. But I also love Summit Pilsener and Surley Hell so I mostly buy those instead.

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