Lift Bridge Brewery expands production by 200 percent

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Courtesy of Lift Bridge
The brewery news just keeps flowing these days and as the flow of beer related happenings continues to expand, so does Lift Bridge Brewery. The Stillwater brewery recently underwent a transformation that will now allow them to increase their annual production capacity by over 200 percent.

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The overhaul on the brewery began back in January of this year and has recently come to its conclusion. In order to increase the supply of their locally loved brews, Lift Bridge added three new 30-barrel fermenters and one new 40-barrel bright beer tank allowing the company to produce up to 20,000 barrels of beer per year.

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Courtesy of Lift Bridge
During the expansion, the folks at Lift Bridge decided that they'd also make some changes to help cut down on their energy consumption. According to their release, "Minnesota winters inspired Lift Bridge to install a new cooling system for its 800-square-foot cooler. When temperatures are below 40 degrees, the cooling system will draw in cold air to chill the beer without consuming energy through mechanical cooling. A high-efficiency hot water plant has also been installed and engineered with a modulating hot water boiler that recirculates water through a storage tank. The tank is set on a timed schedule that produces hot water during working hours and uses no energy during production down time."

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Courtesy of Lift Bridge
The tap room at Lift Bridge also got a bit of makeover receiving a fresh new paint job. They've also outfitted the tap room with brand new chairs made by Stillwater's own custom furniture makers, Woodstock Furniture.

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Lift Bridge Brewing Company

1900 Tower Drive W., Stillwater, MN

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