Millennium Hotel introduces new restaurant North 45° Restaurant and Bar

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Coming soon: local craft brew foams
Downtown Minneapolis's Millennium Hotel has undergone a $22 million renovation. Part of the spruce-up includes a new restaurant and bar. They have plans to use some local purveyors and have plenty of Minnesota brews on tap. It's the cooking technique that has us raising a skeptical eyebrow.

Local producers they will be using include Axdahl Farms, Cady Creek Cheese, and Saint Agnes Bakery, among others. Brews will include Surly, Summit, Fulton, Lift Bridge, Indeed, Schell's, Brau Brothers, Harriet, and Steel Toe.

Here is where the healthy skepticism arrives. The press release promises that the menu will "introduce molecular gastronomy to Minneapolis," which is a lot like a high school friend trying to convince us to date her ex-husband. We've been to that foam party.

Hopefully this new restaurant isn't just jumping on the food buzzword bandwagon. A word to the wise: There are no local watermelons this time of year, and building one in a laboratory isn't likely to impress.

North 45° Restaurant and Bar
1313 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis
North 45° website

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Millennium Hotel

1313 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN

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I hope they do something with that supercool glass dome on top of the roof.

I remember sneaking up there in the 70s when I was down in the Cities for the high school hockey tourney and checking out the 70s lounge-people (everyone looked like an extra in Kojak).

Last time I was up there a couple of years ago, I took an out-of-town friend up to the dome -- it was some dull banquet rental  joint.

Keith Morioka
Keith Morioka

@Ross, have you been to Travail, Victory 44, or Piccolo? They have all been doing Molecular Gastronomy for years... Maybe not quite to the level of El Bulli or WD-50, but they have been doing it...

Ross Levine
Ross Levine

Wha? I kept bracing myself for this skepticism, and when it finally came the metaphor didn't even make a lot of sense, a high school friend's ex husband? huh?... I think molecular gastronomy is pretty neat and I'm glad to see someone try and introduce it to the cities (although I've been to a place or two already that's tried it in certain dishes. Haute Dish had a special appetizer that was likened to a reduced cesar salad in a glass that myself and my dining compatriots thoroughly enjoyed). It's a hotel so I suppose I'd be skeptical that they could properly execute the concept (although the last time I had it in LA it was in a hotel) but otherwise I think that's pretty nifty news.


@Ross Levine I agree.  This article is a joke.

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