The Left-Handed Cook's 21 Spice Fried Chicken: 50 Favorite Dishes, no. 12

E. Katie Holm
Crispy, savory, juicy fried chicken - no bones about it.

Fried chicken may not be synonymous with the Twin Cities, but one newcomer to the Midtown Global Market is doing its best to boost our local reputation. When the Left-Handed Cook, Thomas Kim and Kat Melgaard's Korean soul food restaurant opened last summer, one item on the menu seemed to immediately strike a chord with customers.

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This Korean soul food spot features Bop Bowls - a mishmash of kimchi, rice, veggies, various meats, and sauces; carefully-prepared and well-balanced shareable dishes like baby Brussels sprouts with orange peel, grana padano, mint, bacon, and almonds; and sumptuous, sloppy sandwiches on Salty Tart buns. With all the complex options and Asian flavors, fried chicken was not initially the first thing that made us fall in love with the Left-Handed's food, but on subsequent visits it became impossible not to order these grown-up chicken fingers.

Once you bite through the thin, crispy coating (which is both smoky and herby imparting a slow, mild burn) the boneless chicken is beautifully juicy and flavorful - no bones about it. These meat treats have so much going on, they don't require a dipping sauce but if you must, reach for the gochujang - Korea's fermented answer to Sriracha.

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The Left Handed Cook

920 E. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN

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