Top 5 frozen yogurt shops in the Twin Cities

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Whether you design yours as a calorie bomb or a relatively healthy snack, froyo is the perfect summer treat
It's finally that time of year to bid winter a quick adieu and welcome in summer with open arms. We can dig those sandals and swimsuits out of the depths of closets in a dreamy anticipation of long, hot, sunny days ahead. And what better way to bring in the new season than by indulging in a heaping cup of the adored summertime treat, frozen yogurt.

The light and healthier-than-ice-cream option isn't what it used to be. Self-serve yogurt shops are everywhere, and they cater to everyone. It's no longer just the elementary-school crowd loading gummy worms and marshmallows onto their hot-fudge-drizzled birthday-cake- and pumpkin-pie-flavored yogurt.

Here are five of our favorite local yogurt spots, guaranteed to please everyone (and their mothers).

These yogurt shops all work in more or less the same way. Customers pick their choice of yogurts from the 10 to 20 available flavors that day, fill their oversized cups as much or as little as desired, then shuffle to the toppings. Dozens of topping choices can make the frozen confection relatively healthy or a calorie-ridden comfort food. The completed parfait is weighed, with the customer pays between 45 and 50 cents per ounce.

Our five favorites:

Yogurt Lab

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Easily the most "grown up" of the bunch, Yogurt Lab has a few toppings that would have kids saying, "What?" The cayenne pepper, chia seeds, and hemp seeds are likely to appeal to mature tastes. Staying true to science lab form, the shop's periodic table of flavors breaks down its yogurts into categories: edgy, elementary, nutty, desserty, fruity, energy, seasonal, international, and chocolaty. The website lists favorite "equations," like the Elvis (banana, peanut butter, and marshmallow) or the Omega Antioxidant Energy Snack (pomegranate energy and original tart yogurt sprinkled with flaxseed). But if you're craving sugar, the Yogurt Lab has you covered. There's plenty of cookie dough, brownie bits, jelly beans, and more to go around. Yogurt Lab costs 48 cents an ounce.
Four locations, with four more coming soon
Yogurt Lab website

Chilly Billy's

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No franchise here. Chilly Billy's is family-owned and has a single location in densely populated Dinkytown. Coffee and free wi-fi gets students in, but they're not the only ones frequenting Chilly Billy's. It's simple, no-frills layout and buffet-style topping area makes it easy to pack on the goods, quickly turning what was supposed to be an afternoon snack into a full meal and then some. This shop is unique because it doesn't rotate flavors daily. Chilly Billy's serves the same 10 flavors every day. Cable Car Chocolate, Alpine Vanilla, and Very Strawberry are its most popular flavors. For a caffeine boost, coffee grounds and whole coffee beans are a popular topping, or grab a cappuccino with your froyo. Chilly Billy's charges 46 cents an ounce.
314 15th Ave. SE Minneapolis; 612.843.4278
Chilly Billy's website

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