B52 Slider Squad, new street eats in St. Paul

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Joy Summers
Packed with tasty, modestly sized burgers

This trailer hails from the home base of B52 Burgers and Brew out in Inver Grove Heights. Surprising to no one, the menu consists mainly of sliders: beef and veggie patties. The test would be how these mini burgers tasted. The shock would come from a non-slider side dish that was singularly delicious.

Joy Summers
No meat in here
On the day we visited they were serving a regular beef slider, a patty melt, a veggie burger, a Reuben, and a Bavarian slider all clocking in at 1/4 lb. The veggie burger ($7) is entirely made from scratch. The exterior is extra crispy, satisfyingly crunchy and the interior is soft and creamy. Served with a fat tomato slice and crunchy leaf on a squishy, toasted bun, it's a hearty and satisfying vegetarian lunch. All the sliders are served with golden, puffy fries that get even better when doused with malt vinegar.

Joy Summers
The Bavarian
This pretzel bun-hugged Bavarian burger ($6) is slathered with sweet and spicy mustard and crowned with white onion, and was the crowd's favorite of the sliders. The bun had a pleasant amount of flavor and a satisfying heft of texture. The coarse ground meat was toothsome, cooked to medium, and flavor enhanced by the copious amount of that delicious mustard.

Joy Summers
Corn fritters like you've never had before
The corn fritters ($5) were a little like a hush puppy, but more like a Flamenco dancer on the fine line between sweet and savory. The interior had a doughnut-like plush texture studded with explosive kernels of sweet corn. The chipotle mayo dipping sauce makes the whole thing even better -- the smoky spice enhancing all the flavors and marrying with that whisper of vanilla in the batter. These are street eats worth driving across town to find.

B52 Sliders

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B52 Slider Squad

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