Bike to dinner: A course for your courses

Dawn Brodey
The chariot of the dining bicyclist.

The Twin Cities is regularly voted among the most bike-friendly metro areas in the country. currently has us in the #1 spot although we regularly swap the prestigious ranking for second place with Portland, Oregon.

Similarly, publications such as Travel and Leisure also have the Twin Cities and Portland sharing top spots for best cities for foodies.

The situation has us asking two big questions: One, how do we get rid of Portland; and two, how do we best pair our Cities' tremendous and unique opportunities to bike and eat out?

Biking to dinner can be a trick. Does the establishment have a bike rack? Will my helmet hair and wrinkled right cuff solicit snubs from the other diners? Do they serve Surly?

Well, Hot Dish cooked up a sample course for your courses: a scenic, bike-friendly, 10-mile loop with recommended stops for beer, apps, dinner, and, since you've earned it, dessert. On your next date night, why not ditch a couple of wheels and take this road less traveled.

Appetizer: The Sea Salt Eatery - 4801 Minnehaha Avenue

Sea Salt Eatery's patio 560.JPG
The patio at Sea Salt Eatery.

This is a great starting point for your evening because it can accommodate both the die-hard bikers and the beginners. If you're biking in, the trail literally ends at Sea Salt's front door. If you're coming empty-handed, renting a bike near Minnehaha is a breeze.

Get in the shorter line for beer -- perhaps a Surly Furious, and drink it while you await a plate of West Coast Oysters, or maybe some fried calamari.

Don't fill up, though: This is only the beginning. When you leave here, you're headed across the river for dinner.

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