Brau Brothers Brewing Co. kicks off BrauFest 2013 this weekend

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It's nearly a week after Memorial Day and the rains of spring haven't let up. Got an itch to go camping anyway? If you're going to brave the elements, you may as well get sloshed in the process.

BrauFest 2013 in Lucan, Minnesota, is hosting their annual beer festival, rain or shine, that features free-for-all, non-electrical camping enlivened by live music, a new pre-release beer, regular firkin tapping and, in case you were wondering, more beer.

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The three day event showcases the community of 220 that has supported Brau since their inception in 1998 as a brewpub and their switch to production brewing in 2006. The brewery may be moving soon--construction is well underway at the Marshall location (20 miles away) that will soon hold Lyon County's first ever brewery--so BrauFest is a last official chance to see the original brewery in action before they upgrade to a new facility over seven times the current size. Help the southwest Minnesota community of Lucan see the brewery off in style on this bittersweet occasion.

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Brau Brothers Brewing Co.

201 1st St., Lucan, MN

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