Brava on Wheels: Not packing the heat

Joy Summers
Will the crowds call for an encore of the new Brava food truck?

This new bronze and black beauty rolled into downtown before they even had a Twitter handle or Facebook page. They said they're a sister truck to the Ethiopian-food serving She Royal. The menu at Brava is modest; Thai curried chicken, beef or vegetables available as either a burrito or a rice bowl. To drink, Hibiscus iced tea.

Joy Summers
Hibiscus iced tea with a little wedge of lime
The tea was wonderfully refreshing for $2 and a lovely ruby color. We sipped as we waited for our food. Although there was no line, and it seemed like a simple order, ten minutes later we were still waiting for our lunch.

Joy Summers
It's hot and it's cold. It's yes then it's no.
We sampled the Thai chicken curry bowl ($8). Although we'd asked for it extra spicy, as the menu encouraged, it was devoid of heat. Expecting Thai style curry, creamy and rich, balanced with salty, sour, sweet, bitter and spicy flavors, the benign heat and mild flavor were a letdown. The chicken was juicy, tender; fine. The serving portion was generous. The soft cheese further mellowed the flavor. Were we wary of that capcican burn, this dish would be the curry equivalent of a safe word.

The vegetables served alongside the chicken were grilled and served cold, consisting of a mix of yellow squash, carrots, red bell pepper. 

Be certain if you like it spicy to encourage them to take no prisoners. Not all Minnesotans have the beige palate.

Brava on Wheels
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