Butcher and the Boar has new beer garden happy hour-hours

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Butcher & the Boar expands their Beer Garden happy hour

It seems as though every time we take a peak at what the folks over at Butcher & the Boar 
are up to, they've got something pretty cool up their sleeves. This time Chef Jack Riebel and crew are extending the happy hour-hours out in their much coveted beer garden. Talk about a great reason to duck out of work a early for a little summer time fun!

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Butcher & the Boar's infamous foot-long
The new hours have the beer garden opening up at 3 p.m. daily with happy hour running from 3-5 p.m. starting yesterday.

In addition to the extended hours, Butcher & the Boar will also be adding additional servers in order to accommodate actual table service on their patio -- which means no more bothering to get up to order your own drinks from bar; unless of course you're into that kind of thing. It's hard to think of a better way to wind down from a long day at work than with a refreshing Hennepin Avenue Manhattan, an ice cold Surly, and one of B&B's mind-blowing foot-long hot dogs (isn't that the way everybody winds down from work?).

In a little more Butcher & the Boar news, they'll be working in conjunction with Jim Beam to host what sounds like a fantastic evening of bourbon and top-notch eats later this month. The dinner will be four courses specially put together by Chef Riebel to pair with four different specialty bourbons.

The dinner takes place on Wednesday, May 22. Tickets for the event are $125 per person and are limited to the first 18 people (HINT: Act now because there were only five left last we checked!).

For more information, visit Butcher & the Boar's website.

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Not to be another snooty internet jerk but why would you praise a bar for a happy hour that goes from 3-5?!?  That's what you call weak sauce in the happy hour business my friend.  Cool happy hours go to 7pm, so-so happy hours stop at 6pm, completely worthless happy hours end at 5.  Some talk of the prices on drinks and apps might have given this article a little more meat.  Mostly it reads like the B&B wrote this for themselves, and poorly at that.  Anyway I like CP and B&B but this article is kinda stupe.

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