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The Buttered Tin coming soon to Lowertown

There's a new little bakery and breakfast spot headed for Lowertown in St. Paul. The endeavor comes from Alicia Hinze, a pastry chef who has competed on and won Cupcake Wars, and Jen Lueck, a marketing and PR professional who specializes in working with restaurants. The two are St. Paul natives, so there was no question where they would want to build their new destination for eats and sweets.

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Owners Alicia Hinze and Jennifer Lueck

They'll be serving breakfast and lunch, opening every day at 7 a.m. A sample menu lists bananas foster French toast, an egg sandwich, hash, granola, and yogurt for breakfast and Irish cheddar grilled cheese, chopped salad, and deviled egg salad sandwiches for lunch. There will also beer and wine along with a really good cup of coffee.

Lueck explained how they chose the name. "For the both of us, the name is a bit nostalgic, a throwback to when baking was simple. Alicia baked with her grandmother, and mine would have me help her in the kitchen. There was no spray can to be found. You buttered and floured every tin." 

The duo have taken to Kickstarter to raise some of the necessary funds to open the cafe. (Watch the video here). Buttered Tin hopes to fill the niche of a fabulous little neighborhood spot in a part of town with a growing residential population. Donors can receive cupcakes, coffee mugs, a decorated cake, and more. So far they have raised $1,150 of their $10,000 goal.

Look for a mid-June opening.

The Buttered Tin, website
237 E. 7th St.
St. Paul

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The Buttered Tin

237 7th Street E., Saint Paul, MN

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Once again City Pages gets things wrong.  Under the heading "Minneapolis - Restaurants and Dining" you introduce us to St. Paul's newest Restaurant and Bakery--The Buttered Tin.  I realize that City Pages has little idea where St. Paul is located other than that we are near Minneapolis--possibly a suburb.  Get with it! We are the State Capitol, the Governor's residence and the State legislature are here, The St. Paul Cathedral, The Como Zoo, The Children's Museum, The Landmark Center, The historic St. Paul Hotel, etc,etc,etc. Come visit us sometime and discover why we are known as "America's Most Livable City".

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