Caribbean Cooper at W. A. Frost: A patio-perfect drink of the week

Kelly Moritz
House-aged rum and Cointreau skip the blender in this throwback daiquiri variation

Caribbean Cooper
W. A. Frost

Oh, sweet, simple daiquiri, how have things come so far? From a near-perfect combination of white rum and lime to a lip-puckering, bright pink, fake (insert berry here) blended monstrosity in a two-foot-high glass? If these are the types of cocktail bastardizations that keep you awake at night, find your bliss at W.A. Frost and Company, one of a smattering of top-notch bars around town reaching back to the roots of rum drinks, with its Caribbean Cooper.

Plantation 3 Stars rum and Cointreau are poured into neat little oak barrels that sit atop the bar at this St. Paul institution, where the flavors meld and the rum ages, deepening in color and developing woodsy notes. The resulting rum and orange concoction gets a quick shake with a simple mix of lemon and lime to create the Caribbean Cooper.

Served up with a lime wheel balancing on the rim, this cocktail is just barely sweet and refreshingly citrusy, tart to start but nuanced and earthy to finish. Get acquainted with this new/old way to drink your rum now that warmer weather is on its way for good, whether lounging on W.A. Frost's garden patio or sidled up to the marble-topped bar. You'll be amazed by how this historic spirit shines when served cleaned up and colored corn syrup-free.

Location Info

W.A. Frost and Company

374 Selby Ave., St. Paul, MN

Category: Restaurant

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