Free Mother's Day meals at Hooters

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What a warm welcome for mom!
Nothing says "Aw, jeez, I forgot about..." "Happy Mother's Day!" like a free meal at Hooters.

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However, like most things in life, this offer might be too strange good to be true. Hooters has some fine-print rules to check out before treating mom on Sunday.

Mom has to be "accompanied by one or more of her offspring," while eating in one of those pinewood booths because whipping out the ol' wallet-filled-with-baby-photos isn't going to cut it.

Whether mom's into nibbling on Cobb salads or if she can put away a basket of wings and Lots-A-Tots, the lady needs to be a cheap date. Hootie-the-Owl will only comp a mommy meal of $10 or less. And don't forget to order mom a drink, too.

On the upside, you'll be at the Mall of America, so if mom doesn't like lunch at the land of orange hotpants and barely-there owl tanks, you can treat her to a shopping spree with all that dough you saved at one of the mall's 500 stores.

Like the poster says... maybe there's a better way to impress mom. Keep it simple by inviting her over for mimosas and a handmade card if you can't get a last-minute reservation at one of these places.

But hey, we're suckers for wings... so maybe we'll see you and Hootie on Sunday.


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swmnguy topcommenter

Well that's...weird.  Most moms I know aren't all that into owls.

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